New Health Tech Kaleigh Norris Caring and Friendly

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Tori Caulfield

With all types of illnesses being existent, the likelihood of students feeling sick any day during school is high. The caring and friendly new Health Tech, Kaleigh Norris shares her feelings about her first year working in the WHS health center.

“I love it here, great and friendly staff, great kids.” said Norris. Norris shared that she loves the feeling of being able to care for kids the most about her job. “Yeah you know once in awhile there could be some faking going on, but it does feel good to be helping out.” said Norris.

Her gentle and caring characteristics definitely are always present because of the fact that she isn’t always under so much stress while at work. “I look forward to coming to work completely, I don’t feel stressed. I’ve had jobs where I absolutely dreaded going to work, but here I don’t feel that way at all.” said Norris.

Norris absolutely loves her job; although sometimes some situations can be difficult, she still enjoys it. “ Even all the training in the world can’t prepare you for some things, but I still love it.” said Norris. Her job always has something new to learn each day. “Yup, I am learning every single day, trust me.” said Norris.

Norris said that she begun her journey of nursing while working in a nursing home, she also shared she still is currently working there. “I still work there on weekends, but each time I’m like ugh, can it be Monday already so I can go to the high school.” said Norris. She really does enjoy her time working with kids and taking care of them. “My friend actually told me I should do this job because I’d love it and she was correct.” said Norris.

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