New Gym Bleachers and Floor Almost Done — Grand Opening October 23rd

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by Grainne McCormicknews - gym floor painting beginning

If you peek into the windows of the Walkersville High gym, it may look a little new and improved. The renovations of the gym are almost done, and it should be ready for use soon!

“The pieces for the bleachers arrived on September 29th, and they’re putting them together starting on the 30th. It’ll probably take about two weeks, but they said  they might be done before then,” says assistant principal Jason Lininger.

He also said that the gym will not officially re-open until October 23rd, 2014.

And exciting news for the volleyball team—they’ll be the first team to play on the new court! “A lot of my friends play volleyball so it will be fun to be able to go watch them play now!” says junior Luisa Bowersox.

Effie Faoro, junior, says “Basketball games will definitely be more enjoyable now that there’s new bleachers.”

“I think it’s going to bring a lot of energy and it also gives us as players a new feel on the court. I, as well as my teammates, are excited to begin our road to the Comcast Center with our renovated gym!” says senior Tyray Ngoh.

“If I ever go back to the high school for any reason, seeing the new gym will be weird. I’ll always remember those old wooden bleachers,” says Hood College student Zack Willis.

If you’re on Snapchat, you’ve definitely seen a few pictures of the gym already. Students walking past the gym doors have recently been taking pictures of the gym, uploading them to Snapchat with captions like “new gym *heart eye emoji*,” “new gym is dope” or “looking good.”

When October 23rd rolls around be sure to take a look inside the gym. Go see a volleyball match before their season is over, and start getting prepared for basketball season!

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