Netflix a Great Alternative to Cable or Satellite TV

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Jon Shorrow

What do you use to watch TV on? The Internet? Cable? Or do you use Netflix?

“You can watch new things on Netflix. It’s hours and hours of watching things,” Ryan Trout says.

Netflix is an easy way to find all of your favorite TV shows along with movies and documentaries.

You can also easily watch it on just about anything from console, phones, tablets, Smart TVs, and more.

“I like watch the best TV show on Netflix, The League” Jacob Yingling says.

With so many options to choose from people can stay on it for hours. They offer entire seasons of many series. Netflix also offers their own series exclusive to their service such as Orange is the New Black.

“It’s great. Very convenient, a good way to pass time,” Cassidy Crouse says.

With the price of only $10, who could beat that? With money getting tough and tight for families. This is a good alternative to cable TV or satellite.

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