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National Honors Society Holding a Food Drive to Help Local Families

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The National Honors Society will be holding a food drive from November 13th to November 17th for the Thanksgiving season.

The food drive will help to provide food for 25 families in Walkersville. The NHS has this drive annually and is hoping for a good drive this year.

“We are looking for non perishable items,” said NHS president Michael Tauriello, “items like stuffing, beans, and cranberries.” There will be a list for donors that outlines what sorts of food the NHS is looking for, put up next week during the drive.

Tauriello said the NHS will be hanging up posters to spread awareness for the food drive. Last year the NHS was able to raise around 750 food items from the school, and hopefully this year they will be able to collect more.

Jonathan Rushbrook the Parliamentarian for the NHS said that they will be advertising around the community and reaching out to restaurants to help out with the food drive.  “We currently are getting food from Common Market Court, and are expecting more,” said NHS treasurer Julie Yang. These early donations are a good start for this years run of the Thanksgiving food drive.

“This is a wonderful time — high time we give back to the community!” said Rushbrook. November is the month of Thanksgiving spirit, and the NHS encourages students to donate to the food drive next week for the families in need.

The food drive is one of the first big projects the NHS does during the year, and Rushbrook said it spreads a feeling of interconnectedness among members. Fitting, considering the food drive is for Thanksgiving.

So if you are in the giving mood next week, go down to social studies teacher Jamie Skeena’s classroom, room 163, and donate any canned food you might be able to spare for the Walkersville families in need.

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