MSP Search for Runaway

Maryland State Police spent about two hours searching by land and air for a ten year old boy who ran away from his home in the town homes near Safeway.  He was reportedly running toward Safeway at 9:46 p.m. on Monday evening.  Approximately two hours later, the child was found a few blocks away on Wyndale Drive sitting on a curb.

Police, complimented with a K-9 unit, were searching playgrounds, dumpsters, and backyards.  As residents called in possible sightings, a Maryland State Police helicopter swooped to the location to check from the air and light the area for police on the ground.  Reports included a child running through a field on Crum Road, an individual hiding in a backyard on Highlander Boulevard.

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The search area included Chapel Court, Highlander Boulevard, Glade Elementary School, and as far away as Heritage Farm Park.

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