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IMG_20141026_152409629_HDRThe loss of businesses in the Town of Walkersville has spread to East Frederick Street with two businesses closing recently. The vacancies add to the numerous holes in Walkersville’s only shopping center across MD 194, and the two gas stations just up MD 194.

McFadden Exchange closed shop and vacated the building it shared with Olde Town Jewelers. No phone calls were being returned from the number on file for McFadden Exchange, and Olde Town Jewelers was closed. The 2,200 square foot building itself is up for sale, and is listed at $397,500. The 300 sqaure feet occupied by McFadden Exchange contains a lot of display cabinets, but no merchandise. A lone letter addressed to the proprietor lies on the floor by the door as if dropped while he left.

IMG_20141026_152344170Rotisserie Chicken & Grill, a fairly new eating establishment in town, closed its doors some weeks ago.  A letter on the door states that it will re-open soon under new management. Gary who was picking up a pizza next door remarked, “I tried to get chicken there when they opened, but they were out of chicken. I never got a chance to go back and try their chicken.” Before the Rotisserie Chicken & Grill, a Greek restaurant occupied the space.  It did not last long, either.

The A-1 Beer & Wine store next door is a new business to the small strip of shops on East Frederick Street. They’ve seen a steady increase in sales as locals learn they are in town.

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