Menchies Has the Best Frozen Yogurt Around

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Grainne McCormick

Ah, frozen yogurt. The many different flavors of the cold, creamy custard brings tears to my eyes.

But seriously, the competition among frozen yogurt places is real! Between Tutti Frutti, Sweet Frog, Yogi Castle, and now Menchies, it’s getting heated. It’s especially heated for two specific frozen yogurt places that are now extremely close in location- Yogi Castle and Menchies over in Clemson Corner.

Let’s find out what the people of Walkersville High School think about Menchies (and why it’s better than Yogi Castle).

“The people that work at Menchies are nicer. They always greet me with a nice smile,” says freshman Yoshma Sheraz.

“There’s way more toppings to choose from at Menchies,” says Haley Spangler.

“Just the service in general is better at Menchies,” says freshman Haylie Petrosky.

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“Menchies is cleaner and more organized,” says Kaitlyn Tokarz, junior.

And for others..

“I don’t like the aftertaste so I don’t like frozen yogurt,” says math teacher Mark Cronk.

“Dairy Queen is the best. I like actual ice cream,” says senior Luke Molnar.

The funny thing about Menchies is that they have an actual mascot that walks around and tries to get customers. He’s dressed as a little cup of frozen yogurt with a smiley face on it. You’ll sometimes see him strolling on the sidewalk or sprinting across the road near Clemson Corner. Give him a wave if you see him!

Personally, I like Menchies the best. The cool thing about it is you can get a free Smilage card, and then sign up online and get 25 smileys. Then, every time you go there and get frozen yogurt, more smileys will be put onto your card and once you hit 50 smileys, you get 5 dollars of frozen yogurt for free. It’s awesome!

Ultimately, you have to decide your favorite frozen yogurt place.. but if you want the best of the best, go to Menchies!

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