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Maryland Has Some Laws That Will Make You Say “What?!”

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feature.Tmcclelland2by Taylor McClelland

Each state has their own unique laws but Maryland takes it further. Some of these laws will make you say “what?”

Common sense tells you not to lie, cheat, or steal. However, in the state of Maryland you can’t take your pet lion to the movies. The average person wouldn’t take their lion out in public, let alone even own one. Jillian Atelsk, a junior, states “Now what are my lion and I suppose to do on our date nights?”

Do you kiss your momma with that mouth? In the city of Baltimore, you are not allowed to curse within the city limits. Better watch what you say or you might find yourself singing the jailhouse blues. When Davis Kelly was told this he said “Well that’s some bull… oh sorry. That sucks.” Kelly probably shouldn’t go to Baltimore.

Baltimore isn’t the only city with a silly rule. In Rockville, Maryland, you are not allowed to swim in a public fountain. You might be thinking ‘Well that’s just common sense.’ Sorry to say it happens more often than you think. Brooke Tucker quickly stated “But how am I supposed to shower now?”

Maryland might have some crazy laws but that does change the great history it has. Watch out. You just might be breaking a law you didn’t even know about.

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