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Lions Win First Playoff Game

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The Walkersville Lions took down the Oakdale Bears when it mattered most Friday night. After falling to the Bears a few weeks ago, the Lions roared back with a 28-27 win in the first week of playoff games for Maryland’s Class 2A Teams.

A very cold night saw the Bears and Lions answer each other touchdown and extra point for touchdown and extra point in the first half. At half time, the score was tied 21 to 21.

In the third quarter, the Bears fumbled, and the Lions recovered the ball. On their next possession, the Lions scored. The Bears were unable to put a point on the scoreboard in the third quarter.

The fourth quarter saw the Lions intercept a pass from the Bears, but they were unable to score. The Bears scored a touchdown that threatened to tie the game with about a minute to go. The Bears chose to attempt a two-point conversion for the win, but the Lions twarted their attempt. The game ended with the Lions in the lead.

This win moves Walkersville Lions to the next playoff game, as they become one of sixteen teams in the running for the state title.

On Friday, November 15, 2019, the Middletown Knights will host the Lions. The Lions lost to the Knights when they last faced off on November 1, 2019. The Lions will look to avenge that loss against their rivals just as they did against the Bears.

The winner of Friday’s game will face either Liberty or Glenelg who face each other in their playoff game at the same time as the Lions and Knights game.

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