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Lions Lose 7-3 in Regional Final to Finish Glorious Three Year Run

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The Walkersville Lions played against the Damascus Hornets on Friday, November 17th. With this being the second round of playoffs, the Lions were ready to give their all and leave their heart out on the field.

Senior Tyler Gleason said, “I’m so pumped for this game. It is definitely going to be the biggest game of this year and I cannot wait to play our hardest on Friday night.”

Senior Kimani Veira added, “This is not only the biggest game in the states, but of the year. I am excited to see which team can handle the pressure and come out on top.”

“We are just going to go out there and do our jobs. Like always, everyone will give it all they got,” added senior Darick Poore.

Once the game began, the stands were overflowing with all the support and love from the Walkersville community. Since it was a sold out game, there were fans everywhere cheering on the boys.

During the first half, the score remained 0-0 because of the amazing defense from both teams.

During the third quarter, senior Noah Sadler kicked a field goal, pushing Walkersville in the lead by three points.

In the fourth quarter, Damascus scored the first touchdown of the game. However, the Lions never gave up and kept fighting until the end. The final score of the game was 3-7, Damascus.

Senior Jake Farinholt said, “It was a tough game throughout all four quarters. We were both evenly matched and it just came down to one play that made the difference. I would not have wanted to be in that battle with anyone besides my brothers.”

Senior Zack Mathis added, “It was a tough loss to swallow. We played very hard and just fell a little short. I am definitely going to miss suiting up with my boys every Friday night.”

Senior Ty Littleton said, “Everyone played their best and gave it their all. Although it is disappointing to know that we lost because of one play, I am happy I got the chance to play this game with my best friends and team.”

Senior Kalil Alexander added, “I am here for my brothers. Family or not, there is nobody else that I would rather play football with than the family I have at Walkersville.”

Although this was a tough loss, Walkersville can still celebrate all their success throughout these past three years and be ready to come back next year.

The Walkersville Lions lost to Damascus 7-3 in the 2A Regional Final, to finish a glorious three year run.

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