Lions Look To Bring Losing Streak Against Rival Middletown To an End

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by Sam Newman and Ben Johnson

On Friday September 26th, the Walkersville Lions will look to end their twelve game losing streak against their arch rival, the Middletown Knights.

The last time Walkersville was able to beat Middletown it was on November 5th 2004. They came out with the win at home 20-13. This win came under Coach Hal Grau; that season would be his last as the head football coach of Walkersville.

After that win Walkersville dropped twelve consecutive games, including three straight in the playoffs (2010-2012).  Here are the scores:

2005-Middletown 28 Walkersville 8

2006-Middletown 48 Walkersville 0

2007-Middletown 38 Walkersville 7

2008-Middletown 28 Walkersville 0

2009-Middletown 42 Walkersville 26

2010-Middletown 28 Walkersville 6

2010 Playoffs-Middletown 35 Walkersville 14

2011-Middletown 32 Walkersville 25

2011 Playoffs-Middletown 27 Walkersville 21

2012-Middletown 31 Walkersville 6

2012 Playoffs-Middletown 41 Walkersville 8

2013-Middletown 42 Walkersville 0

Walkersville has lost the past twelve games by an average of 24 points; only two of the twelve have been decided by seven points or less. There have two coaches during this losing streak, Ryan Hines who coached from 2005 to 2009 and Joe Polce who has been the coach since 2010.

Walkersville will look to end this painful losing streak this Friday where they will go into the game with much more confidence than in years past.  The Lions will attempt to keep their perfect season going while Middletown is looking to get back to .500 after a dismal 1-2 start.


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