Lions Beat Liberty 21-20 To Remain Undefeated

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Ben JohnsonDSC_1901

The Walkersville Lions emerged victorious over the Liberty Lions by a score of 21-20 in a hard fought game that saw Walkersville score the game winning touchdown with under a minute to go!

1st Quarter
Walkersville won the coin toss and elected to receive. On the first drive of the game, Walkersville used a consistent ground attack to march down the field and eventually end with a goal line plunge by senior Everett Polzin, Walkersville 7 – Liberty 0.
Liberty responded very quickly to Walkersville’s early touchdown by exposing their leaky secondary. Only a few plays into the drive the Liberty quarterback completed a long pass that was caught by a Liberty wide out who proceeded to run 83 yards for a touchdown that tied the game; Walkersville 7-Liberty 7. The defenses held pat for the remainder of the quarter and the score remained 7-7 heading into the second.

2nd Quarter
Walkersville started off the second quarter strong, putting together another solid drive that ended with sophomore Chad Gleason running for Walkersville’s second touchdown of the game, add that with senior Brad Wolfe’s second extra point; Walkersville 14 – Liberty 7.
But again Liberty was able to respond, using a nice combination of running and passing they drove down the field with relative ease, the long drive ended with a 2-yard touchdown run by the Liberty running back; Walkersville 14 – Liberty 14. There were no more points scored in the half after the second Liberty touchdown so the half time score remained all square at 14-14.

3rd Quarter
The third quarter saw a defensive struggle as neither offense could find the end zone yet alone group together multiple first downs. Senior Tyler Suenkel said “We were not able to convert on any opportunities in the quarter and it almost cost us.”

4th Quarter
Fairly quickly into the final quarter Liberty was able to complete a few long passes that got them into scoring range, penalties by Walkersville helped to keep Liberty’s drive alive and on 4th and goal the Liberty quarterback fired a touchdown pass into the corner of the end zone giving Liberty a six point lead. But on the extra point Gleason made a key play; he was able to break through the line and block the extra point giving Walkersville the opportunity to win the game in regulation; Liberty 20 – Walkersville 14.
Walkersville made an important defensive stop and got the ball back with around two minutes to go, after Walkersville had a touchdown called back because of a holding penalty Walkersville faked a run and Gleason threw a long pass that got Walkersville inside the five of the Lions. With under 40 seconds to go, Polzin got the carry and with the help of his teammates was guided into the end zone tying the game at 20 apiece. Senior Brad Wolfe kicked the game winning extra point to give Walkersville a 21-20 victory. Polzin said, “Our offensive line is what won the game; they were able to give me an extra push.”
This is the perfect start to the season for Walkersville who has already matched their win total from the previous season. Senior Kyle Lindberg said “It’s fun to be good; hopefully we can play like this every week.”


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