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Lady Lions Rock their First Appearance in States

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Last Saturday, November 10th, the Lady Lions soccer team won their State Semi game against Fallston in PK’s. This was the girls first time playing in a state semi game, in Walkersville history. As the team and coaches know how important and impressive this is, the local newspaper does not seem to harp on this prevalent fact. With the States game being this Thursday, November 15th, Lions Pride will be diving in to uncover the feelings of the Lion’s hard work going unnoticed.

In order for the Lady Lions to get this far they had to surmount different endeavors. The Lady Lions first round of playoffs was against Seneca Valley High School, 5-0, an easy win for the girls. Poolesville was next, beating them 4-1. The Lady Lions were then challenged as they played Middletown competing for the Sectional title. The Lions had previously lost to the Knights in the regular season, 0-1. As they traveled to their field, they knew it would need to be hard-fought in order to make it to Regionals. Luckily, the Lady’s impugn early to pull out with a 2-0 win on November 2nd. This brought them to Oakdale for the Regional Finals. The girls lost 0-3 to the Bears early in the regular season. As many people doubted the team, they played their best on the opposing field. The girls fell short at halftime, being 0-1. They showed up after half time, punching a goal in the middle of the second half. This play brought the Lady Lions to overtime. After the first 10 minutes of overtime play, the score remained the same. This followed with a second overtime and 5 minutes in a header goal was received from junior Kasie Ogwulu. This was the first Regional title for Walkervilles girl soccer. Ever. In addition, it was the first time the Lady Lions would make an appearance in the State Tournament.

Throughout the whole playoff season, many of the journalists from The Frederick News Post did not give the Lions the appreciation they rightfully earned. After being crowned the Regional Champions, the journalist from the News Post focused his interview questioning more on how shocked the team was instead of how hard they had to work to make it here. He almost came off as belittling the team’s accomplishment. This upset many players.


Senior Chidera Ogwulu, had some very strong remarks on this. “I honestly feel like we have been underestimated all season. No one sees all the hard work we have been putting in since this summer. We are out here making history and Frederick News Post is still talking about other schools. Yes, other schools are making some pretty great achievements but give credit where credit is due”

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After being endowed as Regional champs the girls headed to State Semis to play Fallston. The game remained scoreless after 80 minutes of play, leading to overtime. After two 10 minute overtimes, the score was still 0-0. This lead the teams to PK’s. Walkersville has never had to rely on PK’s to win a game. Luckily, the team won 5-3, making all of their PK kicks, a big accomplishment. An accomplishment that should have hit the newspaper, but yet again did not get taken as a big deal.

Senior Leah Wells also felt strongly about not getting recognized, “Coming into this season, we weren’t really expecting to come this far, which explains why we are truly the underdog. To come this far and have people still not believe in us, is kind of frustrating, but, at the end of the day, I believe in us, our coaches believe in us, and our town believes in us, so that’s all we need.”

Regardless of getting noticed or not, the Lady Lions soccer team has flourished this year, adding many accomplishments. These ladies should be proud of what they have done, as they advanced the program for upcoming generations.

The Lions will be playing River Hill High School tomorrow, November 15th, at 7:30 pm and hope to bring home the championship.

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