Key Dates and Information About the Gaza Fighting

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by Ben Johnsongaza strip rockets

For nearly three months war has been raging in Gaza between the country of Israel and the Palestinian Territories namely the well-known terrorist organization; Hamas.


The breaking point for this latest altercation between Israel and Gaza can be attributed to the abduction of three Israeli teenagers on the 12th of June.  Following this incident the Israeli government began a crackdown of Hamas, as they believed that they were responsible for the disappearance of the teens.

Over the next three days, Israel arrested over 100 Palestinians as they continued their investigation.  In retaliation for the Israel government’s arrests, Hamas began to bombard Israel by firing several rockets.

Later that very month, the bodies of the three teenagers were found in Gaza.  In response to the discovery that the teens had been killed, Israel began to attack so called “terror targets” in Gaza.  This triggered a response from Hamas who in turn fired several more rockets into Israel killing innocent people.


On the very first week of July in retaliation to the increased attacks by the Hamas group, the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) increased their airstrikes in Gaza which resulted in the deaths of at least nine Hamas members.

On the 7th of July, Israel initiated “Operation Protective Edge” and mobilized up to 40,000 reserve troops.  Only two days after “Operation Protective Edge” went into effect, at least 64 people had been killed in Gaza and 180 rockets had been fired into Israel by Hamas.

On the 12th of July the United Nations issued a statement asking for “de-escalation of the situation and restoration to calm.”  One day later, the death toll had reached 166 in Gaza and more than 10,000 had been forced to leave their homes.

On the 16th of July, a five hour ceasefire was agreed upon but it did not last long as one day later Israel announced they were entering phase two of “Operation Protective Edge” which consists of a full on invasion in every way, shape, and form.

Over the remainder of the month, peace negotiations continued to fail and the death toll crossed the 600 mark in Gaza.


Over the course of the month of August the death toll reached 2,100 in Gaza along with 67 people in Israel.  Over 500,000 civilians in Gaza are now homeless because of this most recent conflict.  Near the end of the month however a cease-fire was agreed upon and for the time being there is thankfully no fighting.

While the two sides are continuing to look for a long term solution, but Israel and Hamas will not meet face to face therefore destroying any immediate answer to this long standing problem.

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