Key Club Wants to Transform Our Community

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by Mollie Green

Helping others is a way to make yourself and the people you are helping feel good. Walkersville High School Key Club knows just the way to do so.

You may be wondering, what is Key Club? Key Club is an international organization led by members who are looking to provide service, leadership, and build character. “We are caring and competent servant leaders transforming communities worldwide.” (

Senior Demi Colbert is an active member in the Key Club and enjoys helping the people in her community. I asked Colbert what exactly she views key club as and she said, “Helping out in your home, school, and community to build and make it a better place.”

Colbert mentioned the types of activities they participate in, “We work at soup kitchens, run the blood drive, run Cinderella’s Closet, and work at retirement homes, stuff like that.”

The last thing I asked Colbert was how doing these activities for her community makes her feel and she responded with, “It makes me feel really good and happy. Almost like a hero in a weird way.”

Everyone deserves happiness, this way not only will you give that to the people you are helping but you will feel it in your heart as well.

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