Juniors Win the Wall Decorating Contest for Spirit Week

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

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by Chanel Moss

You may be wondering, what are all these pictures in the Social Studies hall. It’s the part of spirit week where the creativeness of each class in WHS comes to life.

Thanks to Gina Stelma who said “The doors just weren’t enough and those white halls seemed so bland and institutional so why not make the class doors the class halls” she came up with this amazing idea.

Every year each class puts their creative minds together to come up with their own wall. Hannah Burhle says “This gets us pumped for games; it’s really cool and a great way to express all the hidden talents of art that we didn’t know some students have”.

October, 24th WHS is going against the Oakdale Bears so the main theme for the walls was inspired by bears. Each year a winning wall is chosen and seniors are gunning for 1st place. The walls are new this year and honestly a very interesting idea.

The walls are much better than doors because sometimes not everyone gets to see each door for each class. Though the decorations are only up for a week it’s still a great thing to look at when you walk past. “You have more space and more creativity, the senior class came up with an awesome idea so I’m glad we get to show it,” says Sara Zachman who I had the pleasure of seeing in action working on the wall.

Juniors won the wall contest, with the seniors in second, sophomores third and frosh fourth.

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