John Walsh Seeks Republican Nomination for U.S. House of Representatives Maryland Congressional District 8

“I was in Woodsboro and Walkersville last week.

In addition to saying hello to people in the district, I am walking from Emmitsburg to the Capitol in DC and have already completed the Emmitsburg to Thurmont to Woodsboro to Libertytown segments. I just completed Frederick and Carroll county legs of my “Walk a mile in your shoes” campaign. Logged over 50 miles from Emmitsburg and Westminster to Mount Airy.

I’m running to bring representation to all three counties that comprise the Maryland 8th district and I’m making a special effort in Frederick and Carroll counties. Unfortunately, these counties have been redistricted and have lost much of their influence in Congress. If elected, I will make sure that your voice is heard. Specifically, I will do away with the stationary Rockville office and have mobile vans that roam the district bring services directly to everyone, just like I am doing by walking the district. In addition, I intend to have Town Hall meeting at least once every two weeks in all nooks and crannies to allow people to voice their interests and concerns.

My campaign is dedicated to restoring common sense and dignity and finding common ground to move us all forward. I am especially interested in family farms and what we can do to assist them.

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I have a varied work background, mostly in logistics and software. I’ve spent 25 years in technology and 18 years in transportation and delivery services. Early on, I worked for a Republican Congressman in DC and Upstate New York and have been elected to City Council, Planning and Zoning Boards in New Hampshire. For the past 32 years, I have lived in Maryland and now reside in Colesville, north of Silver Spring. I have several domestic and international patents and consider myself a innovative, hard working and personable.

In the spirit of the campaign and my attitude toward representation, I am coming to you.

Anyone who has a specific request for information, can visit my website, www.johnwalshforcongress.com and email me.

I appreciate the opportunity to represent you and hopefully meet you during the Primary and the General Election.”

As the Primary Elections get underway in Maryland, GladeValley.net asked all candidates who will appear on ballots in Glade Valley to send us a bio, photograph, and any statement they would like to make to voters in Glade Valley. Any candidate who responded will have their information shared on GladeValley.net leading up to the Primary Election.
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