ISIS Continues to Threaten Fragile Middle East

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by Hanna Houck

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The conflict with ISIS in the Middle East is becoming increasingly larger and more threatening since the start of airstrikes last Tuesday.

The Pentagon released a statement saying that 14 strikes against ISIS targets near Raqqa in Syria were carried out with help from Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

ISIS has had control of Raqqa for more than a year. The city’s residents have been living under ISIS’ brutal idea of Islamic law.

Other ISIS targets that were hit include Deir Ezzor, Al Hasakah, and Abu Kamal. The attacks mostly damaged training sites, transportation vehicles, and soldier residences. There were no immediate casualties from the strikes.

Despite the airstrikes and international opposition towards ISIS, the terror group continues with their string of violence. Iraqi forces are threatening to leave and no longer fight ISIS if US forces don’t intervene.

ISIS fighters are quickly approaching Baghdad. The Anbar province is pleading for US ground troops to assist in halting ISIS. The terror group was 15.5 miles away from the Baghdad airport, according to the US leader of the military efforts in Iraq. “Had (ISIS forces) overrun the Iraqi unit, it was a straight shot to the Baghdad airport,” said General Martin Dempsey.

The group controls about 80% of the Anba Province. If ISIS takes the province, the Sunni extremists would take over.

ISIS has extended their targets to law enforcement. The police chief of the Anbar Province was killed over the weekend when ISIS bombed their convoy.

Iraqi officials have been adamant that they don’t want United  States soldiers on the ground and President Obama has not shown any intent to deploy any.


Photo: Smoke billows from a target in Kobani, Syria, after it was hit by U.S.-led airstrikes on Sunday.


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