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International Thespian Society Has a Goal – Collect 50 Pounds of Food

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

The ITS Food Drive is here at Walkersville, and they’re here to collect food for the Walkersville food bank. What the ITS Food Drive is, is a food drive run by the International Thespian Society every year around the holiday season with the help of Trick Or Treat so Kids Can Eat in order to get kids food for the holiday season.

After asking the person in charge of the ITS Food Drive here at Walkersville, Heather.McFadden a few questions about this years ITS Food Drive, her hopes for the total outcome of the drive this, how she became the head of the ITS here at Walkersville and why, and her hopes for the future of the ITS Food drives.

When asked what caused McFadden to become the head of ITS here at Walkersville, she responded with “I became the head of the ITS here at Walkersville because one, obviously I’m a theatre teacher and secondly when I was here as a student I was a part of the ITS, so when I became a teacher here I felt like I had to become the head of the ITS here at Walkersville since I was previously part of the ITS. “

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In response to the question “What’s the goal you wish to meet this year” McFadden had responded with “The final goal I want, is to obtain this year is 50 pounds, since we had gotten around 40 pounds last year it would be a great outcome.” McFadden was also asked what she would like to see the ITS Food Drive become in the future her response was “The ITS has locations all over the world there are some even as far as Singapore, so what I would like to see the ITS Food Drive become isn’t so different from what it is now, as long as the outcome is positive I wouldn’t change a thing.”

“With the ITS food drive being here for only a short amount of time it’s important to get any donations in as soon as possible” urged McFadden. “It’s very important that we meet our goal of 50 pounds of food this year” she stated.

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