If I Stay Guaranteed to Make You Cry

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Grainne McCormick

Imagine being in between life and death. All that surrounded you was a giant white space full of nothing but memories and flashbacks. That’s what was happening to Mia Hall. The film, If I Stay, is based off of the book by Gayle Forman, shows what happens to Mia as she is stuck in the in-between phase of living or dying.

The film starts out like a normal day in the Hall house, just eating breakfast getting ready to start the day and leave for school. The family has the radio on and the news announces all schools are closed because it’s a snow day. The hippie-style mom and dad of Mia and her younger brother Teddy decide to go on a drive. All is dandy until a car comes from the other side, and Mia’s life changes forever in a car accident.

Mia is now stuck in between life and death and is looking back on her life from ‘the in-between.’ She’s looking back on memories and events that happened in her past and small moments that had a great impact on her life. That’s really all I can say about it, so it’s up to you to go see the movie!

How were the students of Walkersville High feeling about If I Stay?

“It was a really great movie. My favorite scene was when they were at the concert,” says junior Alyssa Neher.

“It was sad, but I didn’t cry. At the movies some lady screamed ‘WHAT!’ at the end of the movie and I thought that was really funny,” said Cody Strange, a sophomore.

“It was so depressing, but so good. It tore my heart out and ate it for lunch,” says senior Demi Colbert.

Rate it on a scale from 1-5, 5 being the best.

Hannah Hellmuth, senior says, “I rate it a 4. It was so good but so overly depressing!”

Emily Zimmerman, senior, says ‘I rate it a 4. It was a fantastic movie, but sometimes I got really confused with what was a flashback and what was real life.”

“I rate it a 5. It’s such a quality movie but I hate the ending! I need more!” said Katy Frazier.

Although this was a bit of a chick flick, what do the guys have to say about it?

“I cried.” said senior Wilson Yoingco.

“I didn’t stay,” jokes sophomore Brett Daniluck.

“Worst, most boring ending ever.” said sophomore Austin Lajoie.

Go out and see If I Stay if you feel like laughing, mostly crying, and crying some more!

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