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Homecoming Royalty Speak Out About Their Nominations

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by Tori Caulfield

What’s a homecoming dance without a crowning of the King and Queen!? Some of the 2014 homecoming court nominees from all grades share their thoughts on how they’re feeling about being given the wonderful opportunity to possibly win the crown.


“I think it’s pretty cool and exciting I got nominated.” said Billy Gant.

“It’s very exciting!” said Mckenzie Nugent.

“I’m kind of excited; although it is only my freshman year, it’s still cool.” said Paige Shortt.


“I’m excited for homecoming this year now, and I’m glad I got the chance to be on the court this year.” said Rylee Duncan.

“I would say I feel pretty honored. It’s cool to be recognized,  — shout out to all the homies out there.” said Ben Francis.

“It’s an honor to be chosen to represent my class.” said Megan Wells.


“I’m really grateful to be nominated for the third year in a row. Thank you to all who voted for me!” said Brooke Shortt.

“Quite frankly it’s not a surprise, I know that I’m more than qualified to have this honor, I have no competition…. Ha, I’m totally kidding everyone! It’s really an honor to be nominated and I’m thrilled to be given the opportunity.” said Chris Copen.

“It’s my next step to becoming Oprah.” said Effie Faoro.


“I’m thankful for the class of 2015 for nominating me, I love you all!” said Jessica Shayuth.

“It’s a true honor just to be nominated.” said Zephan Harnish.

“It was very surprising and it’s an honor to be nominated.” said Gina Ciocco.

These are only a few of the homecoming court nominees, but the excitement and wonder definitely races through their minds. We are excited to see who will win the crown for each class!

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