Homecoming Dance a Black Light Paradise

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Jon Shorrow

If you missed homecoming, just didn’t go, or completely forgot what happened  here is the big scoop.

“I love the decor and the glow sticks as well” homecoming queen Jessica Shayuth said.

As you walk into the school you are presented with a huge star arrangement made of balloons. As you made your way to the commons though you walk into a dimly lit scene of chairs and tables along with a dark wallpaper with neon colors on it.

As you go into the gym you are astounded by a huge balloon piece with arches going across the room. All that is lighting the gym is to ceiling lights along with black lights.

“The dance is great. I’m having a blast” senior Daniel Saul said.

As time went on and more people began to go into the gym, there were some problems.

People began crowding and began to cause a big issue to some people’s health. This also caused the gym to get progressively hotter and in the past that has caused problems.

“It’s like every other dance. Everyone looks beautiful and for the most part it has been OK. You just have a small group of people the ruin it for everyone else”  principal Tracey Franklin said. “I just have to follow the rules.”

For the most part it was organized with a few mishaps here and there causing the administrative team to either interview or go onto the mic to stop it.

When asked about the music, Emily Goins said “I like it a lot. They are playing a lot of older songs”

There was a mix between older and newer songs ranging from “Love Shack” to “Anaconda.”

“I really like the black lights. It really makes everyone glow,” Glen Stewart says.

With homecoming week coming to an end for 2014, this was a great way for it to go out with a bang.

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