Harry Potter Books Are Well Worth Re-reading

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by Hanna Houck


The Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling is one of the best-selling book series ever written. Rowling teaches the reader valuable life lessons that kids from all walks of life can relate to and learn from. So crack open your old books, grab a glass of butterbeer, and reread some good ol’ wizarding literature.


Harry is an orphan who discovered on his 11th birthday that he was a wizard. Being a wizard allowed him to go away to school and get away from his dysfunctional family. While at Hogwarts, Harry realizes his full potential and grows as a person.


Many writers have inextricably tied fiction and real-life issues into their stories. Rowling is extremely skilled in educating her audiences on current events.


In the series, Harry is continually in contact with stigmatized groups. The “muggles” are mortals and they don’t have respect of others in the wizarding world because of their lack of powers. “Half-bloods” or “mud-bloods” are witches or wizards with one magical parent aren’t treated much better. Voldemort believes that power should only be held by “pure-blood” wizards.


Harry’s friends are a mix of half-bloods, muggles, and full wizards. The friendships that are created in this story show that all people can be friends even though society can sometimes say otherwise.


With Rowling’s audiences ranging from 9 year olds to 67 year olds, everyone can learn from the wizarding world she has created while enjoying the books.

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