Guardians of the Galaxy a Number 1 Hit Film That’s Worth Seeing

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by Sasha Mazikins

It’s not too late to see one of the hottest films of the summer! Guardians of the Galaxy is an immediate classic that everyone should see; it has the perfect balance of humor and action.

When asked which character from the film he would be, assistant principal Jason Liniger said “I’d probably have to say Groot because I would love to only be able to say one thing and get all of my answers across. Plus, Vin Diesel plays that guy and we have some things in common.”

“Starlord would have to be my favorite character because Chris Pratt is awesome,” said sophomore Josephine Lee.

“My favorite character is the raccoon because he’s a raccoon,” said junior Emily Madsen.

Liniger agrees, “The raccoon, he’s just awesome. He’s a tech guy, he doesn’t take any attitude, and he’s really ticked off because he’s small.”

The basic plot of this film is a man named Peter Quill finds himself being targeted by the villain Ronan the Accuser (and many others) for discovering a very important orb which results in an epic journey through space and time.

The actors featured in this film include Bradley Cooper, Chris Pratt, Vin Diesel, and Zoe Saldana.

So, if you’re pondering which movie to see this coming weekend, I highly suggest you invest in seeing this film.

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