Girls Soccer Team Has Emotional 0-0 Draw on Senior Night

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Mollie Green

There comes a time for each graduating student who participates in an athletic event: senior night. A time for weeping but also a time to feel proud of yourself.

The girls soccer team had their senior night Thursday, October 9th going into double overtime ending the game in a tie of 0 to 0 against Tuscarora. Before the game started, they were escorted along the field by family and friends. For most girls on the team, it was a weird feeling because it is something they will never do again, unless in their free time.

Senior Karis Fisher has been playing soccer for ten years. She was on Junior Varsity her freshman and sophomore year, and then moved up to Varsity her junior and senior year. Fisher says, “It felt really weird. I couldn’t believe that it was my senior night. It felt like just yesterday I was a freshman playing in my first high school game.”

I also asked Fisher if she will miss playing after this season is over and she said “Yeah, I will miss it a lot.”

Talking to Emma Crouch, who is a sophomore but has been on varsity for two years now, I asked if she was upset last night and if she will miss any of the seniors. Crouch said, “Yes I will miss Jessica Shayuth and Karis Fisher a lot. We’ve gotten really close in the past two years and I really like playing with Jess.”

Jessica Shayuth is captain of the varsity team for girls’ soccer, so I asked Crouch one last question and that was, “has Jessica helped you in any way?” Crouch answered, “Yeah she is always encouraging and a good leader.”

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