Girls Soccer Team Bonding On and Off the Field

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by Mollie Green

Walkersville High School’s Girls Soccer team is kicking into high gear to start the season.

Along with being a great team on the field, they represent a family off the field. Jessica Shayuth, Captain who is a striker for the girl’s soccer team says, “We do a lot of bonding! We go to wings at Glory Days, Menchies, and have campouts.” Sounds like a great experience for these girls!

I asked both captains, Shayuth and Elizabeth Hanner what their goals as captains were for the team. Shayuth responded with, “To make a happy environment with a common goal to win the state championship.” Hanner then replied, “I feel it is important to create a competitive environment.” Two different environments these girls answered with but definitely the way to the win.

Their first tournament was on Saturday, September 6th at Meade High School with back to back games. Sounded nerve racking so I asked if they were confident in their team enough to win both games and Hanner responded with “Always.”

Do they have a good feeling about the season? Jessica says “HECK YEAH!”

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