Girls Soccer Loses Close Match to Urbana

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by Adam Hostetter

As the varsity girls’ soccer team warms up on their field, the parents and students exude apprehension. The music blares but it can’t break the steadfast focus of these determined few.

 On Monday the varsity girls’ soccer team took on the Urbana Hawks team girls’ team. The game got off to a rather slow start with the first 28 minutes passing with the absence of any tallies on the scoreboard. It was only when Maddie Sorrel notched the first goal that the team started to gain momentum.

 As soon as the Lady Lions started to pick up some energy, the buzzer struck and it was time for the teams to break for halftime. Coach David Jacobson refocused the team with a fresh lineup of girls. Junior Taylor McClelland left the game with a concussion that she had sustained in warm-ups. They moved sophomore Emma Crouch from left wing to left back and subbed in junior Alyssa Neher into to left wing.

 The Lady Lion’s game back invigorated and determined to put some more points on the board. Despite their relentless vigor, the Hawks reciprocated with a goal of their own. The goal was let in by Captain Keeper Elizabeth Hanner, who had been fending off the Hawks’ strong offensive push.

 After the goal, the momentum shifted to Urbana. Urbana used the energy from their last goal to push on and score again. But the Lions would rally back to score another goal of their own. Although Maddie Sorrel had two goals, the Lions would end up surrendering another goal. The score is now 3-2, and the Lions fought until the clock struck 0. Their efforts, while being prolific, they could not come out with the W.

The girls’ team will go on the road to play Frederick on Thursday September 18th at 7pm.

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