Get Psyched Up Walkersville — Next Week Is Spirit Week!

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Shamus Beck

The upcoming week is one in which all students wait impatiently for out of the whole school year . Spirit Week the one week of the year where every student can look alike, act wacky, or show their blue and gold pride.

Monday is Pajama Day. This truly is for the students that don’t feel like trying to look good anymore this is the day when we can roll out of bed and into our cars.

Tuesday is Twin Day — even if you aren’t actually related if you dress alike and act alike people will be sure to compliment you and your twin. Senior Holly Ferris said “I love twin day because me and Erin Ashley always go together.”

Wednesday is the day you can look as if you were dressed by a small child and get away with it. Wacky Tacky day is probably everyone’s favorite because of how outrageous you can be and it’s completely acceptable.

features Twin-day-Guidance-dept. 2013Thursday you better bring your cape and tights because it’s Superhero day. Although you can’t be masked please do go all out and maybe you will save the world one day. Senior Zach Rocker says “I like superhero day because I can dress like Batman.”

Friday the day before the big game everyone gets to show their lion’s pride and wear as much blue and gold as you can whether its your shirt, shoes, or hair — you can bleed blue and gold all day. Senior Chloe Ferguson said “I like blue and gold day because it’s a tradition” when asked what her favorite day was.

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