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IMG_20141005_135922893_HDRAhmed Hudhud presented plans for re-opening the gas station on Sandstone Drive to the Walkersville Planning Commission for approval and to the Burgess and Town Commissioners this week.

During the Walkersville Planning Commission meeting Tuesday night, members of the commission questioned some of the plans designs and the history of the property. The property stopped receiving fuel over a year ago, had become an eyesore, and attracted some questionable activity before Mr. Hudhud purchased the property at a bank auction.  Mr. Hudhud has spent the past few months cleaning up the property and making plans for opening the station.

Former resident and former Burgess candidate George Rudy regularly presented information and opinions about the state of the property to members of the Planning Commission, the Burgess, and Town Commissioners.  The Maryland Department of Environment had stopped fuel deliveries to the station, because the former owner was not performing regular maintenance or documentation of maintenance as required by law.

Mr. Hudhud explained that the bank paid for “phase two” testing of the property, the fuel tanks, and the soil around the tanks.  Mr. Hudhud told the Planning Commission, “the tanks passed. They tested the soil and found it to be very clean.”

IMG_20141005_140000846_HDRAsked about the truck on the property, Mr. Hudhud told the Planning Commission members that he has had several offers to purchase it. He does not own the truck and does not have a title. So, he cannot sell it. It will be removed from the property soon.

When contractors for the new owner began planning the re-openening, they suggested replacing the aging tanks. “Their expected lifetime ends within the next three to five years.” The four existing tanks will be replaced by two tanks and be moved within the new boundaries for building on the property as required by the Town of Walkersville.

Mr. Hudhud plans to open this spring. Over the next year, he hopes to expand the convenience store into the part of the building that has served as a garage. In the future, he would like to put a “high-end” car wash on the property, but that is a future goal.

The Planning Commission approved the site plan unanimously.

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