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The Game’s Afoot Is a Sparking Comedy and Mystery that Hits the WHS Stage This Weekend

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

Last night, December 7th, the Walkersville Drama Department has debuted their show “The Game’s Afoot,” by Ken Ludwig. With anticipation, nerves and exhilaration, the cast and crew share their thoughts on the big production.

The story centers around William Gillette; an esteemed actor known for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. He invites fellow cast members and a sour theatre critic (to the dismay of the others) into his luxurious home for a dinner party, but the group is soon facing a murder mystery. Mustering all his sleuthing skills, Gillette and his guests are facing a major “Whodunnit”, searching for the criminal among themselves.

“I’m very excited for the show! I’ve never been on the tech side of things, so it’s been really cool to watch it all come together,” junior Erin Kopit commented.

“Something that makes the show unique would definitely be how it’s just a mix of everything, and I think anyone can come out and enjoy it,” commented freshman Actor Madison Shively. “It has a little bit of mystery, some comedy, some gore, and some romance, etc. and I think that all of these elements could really engage the audience no matter what kind of show they may enjoy,” added Shively.

However, the whole process hasn’t been smooth sailing. With that, the cast and crew members pushed through.

“I think the most difficulty part was trying to multitask,” senior and Stage Manager Emilia Lawler admitted.“The actors needed to be learning lines, practicing blocking, and working with the technical cues, but often we were doing construction at the same time. Coexistence on the stage between the construction and actors was a tough challenge, but we worked around it to make the show the best it could be!” she added.

“I am excited and anxious to see all my hard work come together. We have been working everyday after school since early October, and everyone has been working on it for hours on end even away from school,” junior technician Cian Pickron expressed.

“The show has really come together just recently: today and yesterday we have been practicing with technical cues, and have been doing really well. We [are] ready!” Lawler stated enthusiastically.

Sophomore Brendan Lawler added, “It is so satisfying to see how great our show is after months of hard work and late nights.”

At 7:00pm last night, the lights dimmed and the play began. Full of physical comedy, hilarious drama, and suspense, the show brought gasps and laughs from the audience.

As the cast and crew came out to meet the awed viewers, their adrenaline was as high as the friends, family and teachers that came.

“I am pleased with how opening night went! I enjoyed seeing all the familiar faces in the audience and hope to see more in the seats for the next few shows,” sophomore Actor Lia Finch said happily.

“I was so proud of how hard all of my peers worked and it was amazing to see it all come together,” sophomore technician Lexi Shoemaker expressed.

Sophomore Actor Brendan Lawler shared, “I am thrilled with the final product of all the hard work that had been put into this show. This is my first show acting, and I couldn’t have asked for a more supporting environment that encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone.”

As Finch urges, “Come out and see our show for lots of laughs and tons of action!”

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