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Future Farmers of America Benefits Students In Many Ways

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by Ricky Kellerman

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The FFA, or Future Farmers of America, has been a major influence to some of our students here at Walkersville High School. Many students travel all over the state, and even the country, to participate in events that tests their skills in several areas of farming and construction.

In an interview with Gregory Stull, the leader of the Walkersville FFA group, about the influences that the FFA brings to the students. “It promotes involvement,” Stull says. “You can see the benefits that the students are receiving from the events” Stull adds. I asked him what his favorite part of the Maryland FFA Convention was, he said “Seeing the kids do well.”

I also caught up with a couple of the students who are involved in the events. I first asked senior Evelyn Etchison about what she does in the Convention. “I determine retail and prime cuts of meat and find the cookery method, answer problem solving questions,” Etchison

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said. When asked about what she looks forward to most at the National Convention, she says “The rodeo and concert.”

I also talked with senior Bethany Engle. This is her first year in the FFA and asked her about her first convention. “A lot different than I thought it would be but it was a lot of fun.” Her favorite part of the convention was “being hypnotized on the stage.”

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