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Frosh Make Their Way Into High School

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Grainne McCormick

grainne froshRolling up to an unfamiliar building on the first day of high school is extremely nerve-racking. Walking through unknown hallways, upperclassmen talking and laughing as they walk into class, and the little frosh look like deer in headlights.

Welcome to high school.

The main difference between middle school and high school, from what I was told by freshmen, Elizabeth Madsen and Paige Shortt, is “going from forty-five minute classes to an hour and ten minute classes.”

“I do miss the forty-five minute classes. Time went by a little faster that way,” said Madsen.

Collin Carbonaro said “It’s a much bigger school. In middle school we also had a lot less homework.”

On the other hand, Nina Crosby said “The hallways here are so small! I’m not used to being in traffic on the way to class.” Both very true things!

Favorite teacher of the first day so far? “Graunke!” said Cameron Maxey.

“Cronk is cool,” said Madsen.

Now that the freshmen are hanging with the big dogs, there has to be something awesome about high school that beats middle school. “It’s really cool that sports are a big thing in high school. Everybody is full of school spirit,” said Garrett Broadhurst.

“Sharing classes with my friends is fun. [There’s] a lot more independence,” said Keren Ott.

So, frosh… welcome aboard. In about three years you’ll look back on this article and chuckle as you’re filling out college applications. Time flies, so enjoy being the naïve, new youngsters while you can.

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