Frosh Anticipate the Next Four Years

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Annie Moreno  

On the first day of school, the new high school students prepare for a long four years as they share with The Lions Pride, their anticipations of high school so far!

Freshmen at Walkersville High School express what they feel are the best, and worst parts of high school so far. Freshman Nathan Raynor says that one of his favorite parts is that “You have more freedom, and freedom to choose your classes.”

Freshman John Rodden says, “My favorite part is my first period class, engine and power tech with Mr. Stull. It’s a cool class.”

Rodden tells that this least favorite part of high school so far is “How the classes are all spread out. It is hard to get to class on time.” Raynor says that his least favorite part is “All of the homework.”

It is never too early to early to start learning something new the summer before high school! Freshman Dylan Funk affirms that “Over the summer I learned how to break my collarbone playing lacrosse.”

Raynor says “Over the summer I taught myself how to play the ukulele.”

Most people do not wish to return to middle school, but to the freshmen there are a few things about it that can be missed. Rodden says that he misses“the teachers and easy classes.”

Funk says “I miss having less homework.”

These freshmen expose the little information they knew about high school before their first day. Raynor says that what he knew was “which classes I had.”

Rodden says that he “knew all of the teachers.”

For the brand new high school students, high school is swarming with big changes that can make it difficult to adjust. Rodden says “The biggest change is the mixed ages, and a lot more people.”

Raynor says “It’s the schedule. There are only four classes in a semester.”

It has been acknowledged that high school is scary at first, especially during the first week of school, but many freshmen say that in addition to that, they have four years of wonderful experiences to look forward too.      annie frosh

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