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Frederick County Public Schools Start Monday

fcpsImportant Safety Precautions
from Frederick County Public Schools

FCPS classes start Monday!

In Maryland, over 600,000 students begin and end their school day with a trip on a school bus.

FCPS joins the Maryland State Police in reminding drivers to pay close attention when driving in proximity to school buses and school zones.

LOOK FOR THE FLASHING LIGHTS – On a school bus, yellow flashers mean it’s preparing to stop, load or unload students.

Red flashers show the bus is stopped, and students are getting on or off.

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Drivers should NEVER PASS a school bus in either direction when red flashing lights are activated, unless they are on a divided highway. 

STOP at least 20 feet from the bus when its red lights are flashing. This gives children enough space to safely enter and exit the bus.

WALK THE ROUTE WITH YOUNGER STUDENTS – Whether children walk to school or just to the bus stop, it’s important for an adult to walk the route with them, especially if they are younger. Parents and guardians can point out hazards to children and alert them to locations along the route where they will need to pay special attention.

BE ALERT AND SLOW DOWN – Keep an eye out for students!

REDUCE DISTRACTIONS – This is an important tip for drivers at anytime but especially in school zones. Reduce any distractions inside your vehicle so you can concentrate on the road and your surroundings. Remember to put the cell phone down while driving.

Thank you for helping to keep all children safe.

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