Fred Wood, Democrat Candidate for County Council District 5

fredwoodAbout Fred Wood

  • 38 Year Resident of Frederick County
  • Veteran U.S. Navy
  • Retired Fire Fighter
  • Former Real Estate Agent
  • President Board of Directors Eyler’s Valley Chapel
  • Treasurer Eyler’s Valley Citizens Association
  • 50 Year Member of The Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service
  • Supporter of the 2nd Amendment
  • Member National Rifle Association
  • Father of Three
  • Grandfather of Eleven
Serving Citizens
  • Bring back Character Counts to Frederick County Government.  A Government that serves the people and not just Special Interest.
  • When Charter Government is implemented, each Council District will have a representative.  I will be a voice on the council from all the citizens of the fifth district.
  • Mills Custom Wood Floors

  • I oppose the sale of Citizens Care and Nursing Center.  For nearly two hundred years, the people of Frederick County have given help to those in need.  Now after building a 38 million dollar modern facility, the present board wants to sell it for 31 million with no conditions as to what happens to the property.
  • Provide better property tax relief for our senior citizens.
Public Safety
  • Fund and support our First Responders so they can be able to meet the ever increasing needs of Frederick County and it’s citizens.
  • Work closely with Law Enforcement to stop the flow of drugs in the county.
  • Provide resources to the Volunteer Fire and Rescue companies so they can continue to protect the lives and property of every citizen.
  • I am opposed to a County Police Force.
  • To provide the very best education for our children
  • To give our teachers and schools the resources they need to accomplish this
  • Work with the State Government to secure more funds for the Board of Education
  • We must attract and retain the highest qualified teachers for our classrooms asked all candidates to provide information for our readers to make informed decisions when voting in the Maryland Primary Elections on June 24, 2014.  Mr. Wood directed us to his web site.  We have provided the above information from
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