Four Condo Buildings for Glade Road

The Staley Family of Walkersville will propose a site plan for four four-unit condominium buildings to the Walkersville Planning Commission on Tuesday, May 27, 2014.  Tuesday evening’s meeting will not be the first time for a proposal to the Planning Commission, but it will be the first time going as far as a site plan review.

The four buildings would be built on the family’s 4.0993 acres on Glade Road across from Winterbrook.  The property is currently zoned for high density residential in the Walkersville Comprehensive Plan, which was adopted in August of 2011.

The Glades
Approximate Proposed Site for The Glades Condominium Development (click for larger image)

Each two-story building would accommodate four condominiums providing sixteen units to the development.  All four units would face each other creating a “quad” with a green area in the center.

A road with one entrance on Glade Road directly across from Winterbrook Drive would loop around the quad.  Along the north and south sides of the private road, twenty-one parking spaces and sixteen garages provide thirty-seven of the forty-eight parking spaces required by Walkersville zoning.  Seventeen parking spaces along the eastern side of the quad brings the total spaces to fifty-four.

Earlier presentations to the Planning Commission have been met with critiques and suggestions to the developer.  Original plans did not have the road loop around, but created a horseshoe shape.  There was also a large lane up the middle of the quad which Planning Commissioner Dick Brady called a “landing strip.”  The developer addressed each of these.  The “landing strip” allows fire trucks to reach all sides of the buildings.  The new plan calls for grass pavers that reduce the appearance of a runway, but can accommodate an eighty-thousand pound fire truck.

The last meeting with the developer also elicited a request that a playground or tot-lot be included.  The new plan includes a play ground that in the south-west corner of the property.  Previous Planning Commission meetings and Town Commissioner meetings focused on the need to keep play grounds and tot lots in areas that can be seen from the road and by residents.  The proposed location may not be approved by the Planning Commission.

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