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Former WHS Staff Members Help Out with Tickets and Reminisce About Old Times

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

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Students and staff are buzzing with excitement over the play off game with Oakdale this Friday evening. But many were pleasantly surprised to see Sally Hough and Candy Mangus, both former Walkersville High School staff members, selling the pre-sale tickets during lunch on Thursday.

Hough taught at Walkersville High School for 38 years in the Special Education Department. She says her favorite thing about Walkersville High School, was the extra curricular activities. “Not just teaching but being involved with clubs and sports,” Hough commented.

After teaching, Hough went on to continue in special education services. “Well I am a family consultant, for families that have children with Autism. I like working with parents and their children and not have all the paperwork that I did when I was here.”

Hough gives advice to Walkersville stating, “Live for the moment, enjoy each day.”

Mangus explains, “I was the Athletic Director Secretary for 28 years. I absolutely loved working with the kids and coaches, just my favorite thing to do!”

Mangus gives advice responding, “You’ve got to love what you are doing. I miss the interaction with the kids and the staff, and that’s why I am here!”

The two ladies were busy at work selling tickets, but many staff members took the time to start conversations. We want to thank all of the staff’s hard work, and dedication to prepare for this season’s football games.

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