Foo Fighters Highly Anticipated Album Sonic Highways On the Way

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by Declan Poehler

This week will be a big one for Foo Fighters fans. We will finally get a taste of the highly anticipated album Sonic Highways.

First, starting out tonight and every other weeknight this week, the Foo Fighters will be performing on Late Night with David Letterman. Many guest stars are expected to perform with them as well as the new album features various legendary musicians. Last night it was announced the first to join the Foo Fighters will be Zac Brown when a photo of Black Sabbath’s Paranoid album cover was posted with the caption, “Expect the unexpected.”

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Secondly, on Thursday at approximately 10 A.M. Central Time, the first single from the upcoming album will be officially released. The track is called “Something From Nothing” and a short clip of the song can be heard in the latest trailer for the Foo Fighters’ upcoming HBO show Sonic Highways.

Finally, on Friday, the Foo Fighters’ HBO show Sonic Highways documenting the in-depth process of making the new album will debut at 11 PM.

The new Foo Fighters album is released entirely on November 10th.

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