First Day of School – Elementary, Middle and High Schools

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by Chanel MossNews - First day of school

The first day of school for students always changes, from kindergarten to high-school. As a child on starting kindergarten you wake up early screaming “first day of school” like Nemo.

You get ready  before mom and dad have the chance to help you. Think about it, it’s hard to find a single elementary school kid that dislikes school.

On the first day of school when you are starting middle school, it’s like a new chapter. You’re eager to see who you have classes, seeing if your friends are in the classes with you.

High school is like a whole new world; my parents said things like “You’re in high-school, you’re In the big leagues now!”

You wear your best outfit to impress. You walk into your classes smiling when you see your friends sitting there. Now high-school is where the first day really changes. You go from waking up best dressed and excited to waking up saying, “Why did the summer have to end?” and you go from walking in with a smile, but now you walk in with a facial expression that says “ You talk to me and I’ll end you,”

No matter if you’re starting kindergarten or your senior year in high-school, make this first day the best one.

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