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by Hanna Houck

news - fcc lab“Imagine taking a twenty first century classroom and combining it with a Starbucks.” When asked to describe the new Dual Enrollment/AP Enrichment Classroom, these are the words Principal Tracey Franklin chose to use.

Dual Enrollment is a “truly unique and great partnership with FCC that allows seniors in our school to take college courses right here on campus” said Franklin. This program, while new to Walkersville, has been in place at Oakdale for two years this spring. If used to its full potential, Dual Enrollment students can graduate with 16-18 college credits.

The Enrichment classroom will be up and running after a ribbon cutting ceremony in November. The classroom will be modeled after a college student union. There will be computers, tablets, and other resources that will allow students to complete their homework and do research on the days they don’t have classes.

“We really want a place where students enrolled in AP classes or the Dual Enrollment Program can go to work in groups and research,” says Franklin. Franklin was a key player in creating the Dual Enrollment Program at Oakdale. When being interviewed for the position of Principal here at Walkersville, she asked if she could bring the program to Walkersville. She is very excited for all the opportunities that the program will give students.

If students utilize this program to its full potential, they could save their parents $20,000-$30,000 in college tuition.

English 101 will be offered this spring semester. WHS hopes to have more English classes, as well as math, science, and social studies classes by 2017.

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