Fashion Trends Put Girls In a Difficult Situation

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features -asos-90s-crop-top-profileby Mollie Green

Girls follow the latest fashion and what they see in magazines or even on television. Sure, it’s cute, but could it be a negative statement towards girls without that confidence?

 During the warmer, seasons girls tend to show more mid-drift than usual which are half the clothing store choices today. Now they come in an extra large, but this doesn’t mean girls who are that size necessarily want to wear that.

 Walking around in Frederick County, I’ve noticed the typical outfit during summer is a crop top and high rise shorts. This is what young girls around my age tend to wear when they go out at night time or even during the day, showing their stomachs and toned legs.

 All the styles right now are geared to a girl of a smaller stature. It is very frustrating for girls who are not built that way to walk into a store and try to find something for their physique.

 Mallory Donahue, senior at Walkersville High School, had a few words to say about this topic. I asked Donahue, “When you see girls around your age in crop tops and shorts with their stomachs out, does it make you feel less confident with your body?”

 Donahue responded, “Yes and no. Yes because I’m like ‘oh that’s cute I wish I could wear something like that’ and no because even if I do lose weight I am never going to be able to wear one.”

 Notice how she said “I am never going to be able to wear one.” This demonstrates the level of confidence this generation’s fashion designers have brought upon these girls.

Fashion is a great thing and something we can all use to express ourselves. But if you do not fit a certain body type, your self esteem can be undermined and ripped apart.

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