Fashion Forward Films Give Viewers a Look at Life on the Runway

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September is fashion month with buyers, media, and fans alike swarming to the fashion capitals of the world for a frenzy of shows. With social media filled with images of the newest spring lines and upcoming trends, it’s easy to be immersed in the seemingly exotic world, but documentaries give the average person an inside look into the lucrative business.

New York Fashion Week is synonymous with tents, big white showpieces that house countless designers. They possess a surprising cultural impact on the world’s perception of New York as a fashion capital. The Tents celebrates fashion week’s historic transformation from a mad dash across Manhattan to a unified show at Bryant Park and ultimately today’s location at the Lincoln Center. With a collection of fashion shows and a behind-the-scenes perspective, the documentary is insightful for anyone interested in the runway. It can be viewed for free on Hulu.

Another name synonymous with fashion is Vogue. Led by the famed Anna Wintour, rumored to be the inspiration for The Devil Wears Prada, the magazine is the word on fashion. Vogue: The Editor’s Eye is an overview on the magazine’s evolution, and in turn, fashion’s evolution. Famed editors of the past provide their commentary on the editorials that have been imprinted on history’s mind for their revolution and controversy. Readers of the publication, likely anyone interested in fashion, will appreciate the insight from the business’s legends. Xfinity users can watch it On Demand for free, and Amazon Prime members can watch using Prime Instant Video.

Street style, almost equally important as the shows themselves, has risen in prominence over the past few decades. One man greatly responsible is Bill Cunningham. Bill Cunningham New York follows the photographer as he goes about his day-to-day business bicycling around to capture the images that graces the pages of The New York Times weekly. His contribution is remarkable, photographing ideas that become trends soon after. This documentary is surprisingly charming and quirky, filled with little notes of humor. It can be viewed for free on Hulu.

Even if you don’t live in New York or Paris, you can still enjoy the eccentricity and beauty of fashion from your own TV or computer screen.

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