Fall Is a Favorite Time of Year for Many WHS Students

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When autumn comes to mind, thoughts of crispy campfire smells, warming colors, crunching leaves, spooky nights, candy, Native Americans, pilgrims, feasts with turkey, homecoming, or even chilly weather may be thought of.

All are the joys of autumn, but every person has their favorite part of each season. Freshman Tristian Taheri says “The pretty leaves because of their very cool colors, and I appreciate them.”

Sophomore Kyle Daggett and freshman Maddie Etehison also say that their favorite part of fall is “the colors.”

Junior Joseph Beck shares that he likes “raking leaves and then jumping into a big pile.”

Freshman Christopher Ward says “My favorite part is Thanksgiving.”

Bowersox and junior Danny Tatum say that their favorite part is “The cool weather because of sweatshirts.”

Juniors Makenzie Mathis and Brad Janis say that their favorite part of fall is “Football!” Janis says that he also likes “Columbus Day!”

As for the crispy fall air, freshman Simon Kadell says “I like the nice weather.”

Sophomore Regan Farr says “My favorite part is the clothes that you can wear.”

Sophomore Kara Roberts says “My favorite piece of fall clothing is sweaters.”

Fall is also a season for certain sports. Sophomore Morgan Jernigan says “The best part about fall is volleyball.”

Sophomore Emma Crouch says “I like autumn because it is soccer season.”

Let’s not forget one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States, Halloween! Sophomore Taylor Stair and junior Makenzie White say that they like fall because “you can go to the pumpkin patch.”

Fall is also a time for perfect camping weather. Sophomore Erin Turner shares that he favorite part of fall is “campfires.”

Junior Nikki Kehl says that her favorite part of autumn is “Warm foods like soups and curry.”

Who says that birthdays do not qualify as fall holidays? White and senior Brianna Ebersole say that their favorite part of fall is “my birthday.”

There is one luxury enjoyed in the fall that people seem to forget about, sophomore Jessica Handwerk says that her favorite part of autumn is “Daylight Savings Time.”

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