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by Sasha Mazikins

The fall equinox has finally arrived, so say goodbye to the bare minimum of clothing, and hello to warm comfortable outfits.

Some of the newest trends of the season include joggers, kimonos, high-waist jeans, high-low tops, and a variety of boots. Joggers are ideal for rainy or cold days, and they look fashionable while still being cozy. Kimonos are similar to cardigans, but are more flimsy and are the perfect splash of color to make a simple outfit even more fashionable.

“I prefer online shopping because I can get the shopping done faster even though I spend more money,” said senior, Demi Colbert. “My favorite store would have to be Forever 21 because they have all of the newest styles at a cheap price,” added Colbert.

“I like Vans better than Converse because they’re more comfortable and look more beach-y,” says freshman Felicity Poulin. “Shopping at the mall is better than online because I can try the clothing on to make sure it fits correctly,” added Poulin.

“Plato’s Closet is my favorite store because it has a variety of different brands, and it is for cheaper prices,” says freshman Kaliey Johnson.

Besides Vans and Converse, fall also calls for a variety of boots. If you’re a fan of online shopping, check out shoedazzle.com for decent prices and cute styles. When you visit the website they begin with a quiz to pinpoint the shoes that fit your style, size, and comfort.

One of the problems most people face is getting the right quantity of clothing. It’s frustrating going to the mall and leaving with one thing. But, it’s hard not to do when you choose stores that are over-priced. If you are looking to own more sweaters, but don’t feel like paying 40+ dollars per sweater, then take Colbert’s advice and check out Forever 21. They have a variety of fuzzy sweaters that are sold for as cheap as $20. H&M, Target, and Charlotte Rousse are other stores that are worth your while to check out.

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