Eruption of Mount Ontake Puts Hundreds In Danger

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news - japanese volcano - taylorby Taylor McClelland

The eruption of Mount Ontake on Saturday, September 27th, was the worst volcanic disaster in Japan for 90 years.

Ontake is a major sacred mountain that is 200km west of Tokyo. It was thought to be inactive until October of 1979 when it underwent a series of explosions. 200,000 tons of ash was ejected.

However, this past Saturday it erupted again killing a total of 48 people so far.  Rescue workers continue their search despite the dangers such as toxic gases or another eruption. Many of the hikers that were on Mount Ontake when it erupted are still missing. It makes a total of 16 people.

Unfortunately, a typhoon near the southwest coast made conditions hazardous and caused rescue workers to call off the search. The question is, has the typhoon ruined any chance of finding the remaining people?

250 people living near the mountain refused to leave their homes. This worries rescuers for the public had been advised not to be anywhere near the volcano. The death toll continues to rise.

Questions arise of whether or not the United States should get involved. Michaela Zeller, a junior, stated “Yes, I believe if we help with the rescue then it could put us in their favor.”

However, Becca Koontz believed, “I think if we get involved it will only harm us. I mean, look at what has been happening in the Middle East. They completely hate us even though we were helping.”

The typhoon seems to be a problem as well for people outside of Japan. Mikaylah Collins said “The typhoon will only increase the number deaths.”

It is too early to determine whether the missing persons will be found.



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