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David E. Vogt, III – Candidate for House of Delegates District 4

Glade Valley residents will join voters across the State of Maryland in electing representatives to the Maryland General Assembly. Glade Valley is part of District 4, where we will elect three delegates to the House of Delegates. We asked all four candidates to respond to a few short questions and make a statement to Glade Valley voters in this last week before the election.

David E. Vogt, III, Republican Candidate for MD House of Delegates - District 4
David E. Vogt, III, Republican Candidate for MD House of Delegates – District 4

David E. Vogt, III is one of three Republicans seeking election to one of the three seats in Maryland’s House of Delegates – 4th District. He is a full-time graduate student at American Military University. Before returning to school, he served in the United States Marine Corps for eight years including active duty in Afghanistan. Previous to his service, he attended college in Florida and working his way from trainee to Co-General Manager at Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers. A native of Florida, Mr. Vogt moved to Brunswick with his wife and two sons where they settled in 2012 from Camp Pendelton, California.

GladeValley.net: What are the most important issues you hope to tackle in the House of Delegates?

My priority in the House of Delegates will be reversing the anti-business climate that Martin O’Malley and Anthony Brown have created in the state of Maryland.  The amount of taxes and regulations placed on businesses in Maryland is ridiculous, and it is harming our state economy.  In the past few weeks, Bechtel has been in the news as they have packed up their operation and headed for the state line.  This is an all-too-familiar trend in Maryland, and we have to begin working to put an end to it.

As your Delegate, I will pursue across-the-board tax cuts for all of Maryland’s businesses and taxpayers.  I will lead the fight in making sure that our citizens and the businesses that employ us are not over-taxed and over-regulated.  Maryland can be one of the most business-friendly states in the nation, but that requires putting an end to the O’Malley/Brown tax-and-spend agenda.

GladeValley.net: How will your election to the House of Delegates help residents of Glade Valley, the district, the county, and the state as a whole?

I can promise you that I will approach every day as a Delegate just as I did as a United States Marine.  While being your conservative voice in Annapolis, I will actively work to serve and assist you and your family in any way that I can.  By pursuing tax cuts, elimination of wasteful spending, and an end to the “government knows best” mentality that has plagued our state, I will be advocating for you, not special interests or Annapolis politicians.

GladeValley.net: What issue facing Glade Valley residents would you like to address and how would you address that issue?

We are all taxed enough already.  I want to make sure that you keep more of what you earn and I will work to prevent the government from reaching even further into your pocket.  I believe that you are the best judge of where and how to spend your money.  I will never vote for legislation that takes money out of your pocket and places it in the hands of politicians attempting to further the O’Malley/Brown liberal agenda.

Learn more about David E. Vogt, III at his web site, https://vogtformaryland.com.

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