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by Jon Shorrow

Murder scenes are not only on the TV. The forensics class at Walkersville High School, taught by Nusret Hisim, has set up his own crime scene.

“We learn how to examine crime scenes and set them up and how to analyze and collect evidence.” Jordan Middleton said which is exactly what they did today in the dressing rooms behind the auditorium.

Walking into the auditorium, it looked normal but as you walked into the women’s dressing room, it was a different story. There was glass, blood, and many other things strewn across the room.

Examining the room, the class got right to work on investigating the scene and trying to find out what happened. They collected evidence such as poison, glass, and even fingerprints.

“We pretty much collect evidence,” senior Megan Leef says. “While we also do toolmark and bite mark labs. We also do fingerprint fuming too.”

Hisim’s next lab will be later in the semester called “Murder In the Pit.” This lab will be set up in the pit of the auditorium and students will have to investigate how someone was murdered. This lab will be special because it is set up with the drama department to make it even more realistic.

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