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In September, 2014, principal of Ventura High School Val Wyatt made a daring move by rejecting 200 donated Chick-fil-A sandwiches because of their company’s morals.

 “With their political stance on gay rights and because the students of Ventura High School and their parents would be at the event, I didn’t want them on campus,” Wyatt said.

 Between the years 2003-2009, Chick-fil-A donated over $3 million dollars to organizations such as Family Research Council . In 2010, Chick-fil-A donated $1.9 million dollars to anti-gay groups in just that year alone. Chick-fil-A Vice President, Donald Cathy, helped start MFLF (Marriage and Family Legacy Fund). This group was formed in response to the “downward spiral of marriage and the traditional family in America.”

 Another organization that they have been funding is called FCA or Fellowship of Christian Athletes. They clam that this particular organization has “freed” people from homosexuality. “God desires His children to lead pure lives of holiness. The Bible is clear in teaching on sexual sin including sex outside of marriage and homosexual acts. Neither heterosexual sex outside of marriage nor any homosexual act constitute an alternate lifestyle acceptable to God.” These are just a few of the MANY anti-gay organizations that this religious restaurant is supporting.

 The information about the sorts of “charities” Chick fil A is donating to, went public in 2011. Public protests broke out to combat the shocking actions of this “Christian” restaurant. Gay rights activists organized a “kiss day” at a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Atlanta. Two dozen couples turned out for this event.

 “We have separation of church and state,”  Luke Montgomery said. “It’s great if they want to have their religion, but it should not interfere with our civil rights.”

 “We share some of the same kind of values,” Marci Alt said. “I think it would open his eyes to understand that just because we are a lesbian couple, we’re really not any different than him and Mrs. Cathy.”

 Here’s what the students of Walkersville High School have to say about Chick-fil-A:

 “I completely agree with the principal! It shows that the community and school supports them, but on the other hand, if there are very religious kids in the school, it can easily upset them. I think the principal means well, but it may come with unwanted affects.” said senior Mallory Donaghue.

 “…I suppose it’s their choice what organizations they want to donate to even if it is anti gay marriage ones and even if their views are completely distorted, like they have a right to support their opinion plus they’re a religious restaurant, so I can’t really be upset that they’re involving religious beliefs with their work you know? It’s still messed up and I don’t believe they’re right or should be doing it at all but let them do them and enjoy their milkshakes in the mean time…” said senior Sarah McDonald.

 “I believe that Chick-fil-A should not be funding anti gay groups because they should not be allowed to dictate or chose how someone lives their life.” said Brooks Gray, senior.

 I’m not saying it’s bad to be religious. By all means, believe what you wish. However, it seems to me that they could be donating to more beneficial organizations anyway like feeding the homeless instead of trying to change people. For me personally, being discriminatory towards homosexual people is just as bad as being racist.

 Just remember, when you buy a chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A, a portion of the money you spent on that sandwich goes toward hateful, discriminatory groups. I fully support Wyatt and his decision to not support that kind of discrimination on the school grounds by selling those sandwiches.


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