Celebrate My Drive Helps Students Be Safe Drivers

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news - celebrate my drive 1by Taylor McClelland

This October 15th, high schools around the United States are committing themselves to safe driving. The best part is your high school can win big prizes.

The leading cause for death among teens is driving-related incidents. In fact, the first year of driving is the most dangerous. In order to raise awareness, State Farm has created “Celebrate My Drive.” Celebrate My Drive encourages people to make safe decisions behind the wheel.

They are sending out the message “ 2N2” which stands for two hands on the wheel and two eyes on the road. It’s a simple habit that can reduce distracted driving and help new drivers build confidence on the road.

If Walkersville High School wins Celebrate My Drive you can get sweet prizes such as $100,000 or $25,000 grant and maybe even one of the two grand prize concerts featuring Grammy-nominated The Band Perry. Brooke Shortt said “If we win we’ll be able to fund for an awesome prom, renovations and graduation.”

When asked how Walkersville could win, Shortt said “Got to www.celebratemydrive.com, answer a few questions about safe driving and then vote for Walkersville High School.”

The whole idea of Celebrate My Drive is to make a difference is teen drivers. Shortt said “We hope that Celebrate My Drive will raise awareness among teen drivers.

Last year, many high schools participated and more than six million safe driving commitments made.

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