Celebrate Lumberjack Day on October 16th – a Walkersville Tradition!

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This Thursday, October 16th, is the unofficial start to Spirit Week for homecoming at Walkersville High School. It’s Lumberjack Day!

Hundreds of students will dress in flannel, suspenders, and work boots to celebrate homecoming. Some students will even make pancakes to bring in (and don’t forget the syrup). Lumberjack Day has been a tradition at Walkersville for years. Math teacher, Mark Cronk says “I’ve been at this school for 12 years, I know it was a group of students who came up with the idea. It was supposed to be fun and in good spirits, and it worked.” Cronk also talked about students who took the day too far by chugging bottles of syrup at lunch.

Lumberjack day is a spirited way for Walkersville to show our pride. To keep the tradition, students must abide by the administration’s limits and respect their rules about the day. Don’t be the one student who ruins this unofficial spirit day for everyone else!

While this day is not advertised among school leaders, it does show everyone your Walkersville pride. It’s a chance to show everyone our school spirit and how much WHS loves Spirit Week.

Spirit days start on Monday, October 20th, and are as follows:


Monday– Pajama Day

Tuesday– Twin Day

Wednesday– Wacky Tacky Day

Thursday– Superhero Day

Friday– Blue and Gold Day

Start pulling out your winter shirts, get the griddle warmed up, it’s time to get pumped for Spirit Week.

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